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The Appraiser Guy was established in 2003 as a small firm with a lofty goal. Simply put, we have set out to be the premiere residential appraisal firm in the Northeast. We have worked tirelessly to do so, and are proud of what we have accomplished, but we are not ready to rest on our laurels.

From the moment of inception, we have worked with a single guiding principle – Client satisfaction is our number one priority and guiding principle.  Not only do we understand the value of our lending partners, but also of the homeowners that we interact with on your behalf. We consider ourselves an extension of your firm, and act accordingly with your clients. We recognize the importance of client satisfaction and treat your customers with the utmost professionalism and respect.

The borrowing process can be stressful and confusing for the average homeowner. We aim to do our part to lessen this burden so they have confidence in the relationship they have with you and to ensure they return  time and time again.


Our formula is remarkably straightforward.
We focus on 3 basic disciplines – our People, our Process, and our Technology.


We work extensively with all of our appraisers to ensure that they adhere to our guiding principle of client satisfaction.  Whether it be interaction with borrowers, the report writing process, or knowledge of the industry, we are always communicating with and coaching the appraisers in our network to ensure they are performing the highest quality work in every phase of the appraisal process. Furthermore, we strive to ensure the appraisals that are delivered to our lending partners are clear, concise, consistent an timely.



As we have grown, we have seen the cycles and changes within the lending industry.  While lending guidelines and compliance requirements may have changed, the basic need for consistent, reliable, expedient reports has never been more important.     We understand the need for quick turn times on all appraisals. The faster our lenders get their appraisals back, the faster they can close their loans. However, this can never be at the expense of quality. In order to ensure consistent quality, each appraisal we receive goes through the same process. It is reviewed upon receipt so there is a full understanding of the assignment; the inspection is scheduled with the borrower, and then handed off to the appraiser for site work, research and writing. Finally, before any report goes out the door, it receives a thorough quality check by our in-house review team. Through this entire process, we are able to monitor trends in assignment requirements and measure each appraisals progress to ensure timely delivery, and also identify areas where our appraisers may need additional clarification or training  The result is an appraisal report that is always, clear, always reliable, and always delivered timely


The 21st century is a great time. There are so many amazing tools available to aid us in data collection and research. When it comes to technology, we are constantly evaluating new and different ways to do things and how to leverage the vast technological options available to us. It is our goal to give our appraisers all of the tools possible to provide a credible report that they can stand behind, while doing so with a high level of efficiency. We do, and will continue to invest heavily in these tools to ensure we are not only delivering reports back to our lending partners faster, but with the accuracy and credibility that you expect.