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For most Americans, a person’s home is their largest asset. Unfortunately, given the recent upheaval in the housing market and the uncertain economy, many people have no idea what their home is actually worth. The value of a home is not as simple as “Well, the house across the street sold for $xxx, so mine must worth at least that much.” In addition, many homeowners have an emotional connection to their home, which can skew their perception and result in them overestimating the value of their property.   When preparing a financial plan for a client, it’s easy to put a value on  stocks, bonds, and other liquid assets.  Unfortunately, you can not just open the Wall Street Journal and get the value of someone’s home.   A home value that is not based on solid research and verified evidence, can have a significant impact in the ability to produce an accurate financial plan. A Certified Residential Appraiser can help to ensure that you are working with a full compliment of of precise data, as well as provide an unbiased, accurate home valuation.

Our panel of appraisers will take a completely unbiased approach to determining the value of your client’s property.  Whether it be a one time appraisal to develop a single financial plan, or an annual evaluation of a clients property, we will always provide a fair, accurate value of what the property is worth.   We have numerous options to suit the needs of you and your clients.  The end result will always be an unbiased valuation of your client’s most precious asset.


 Regardless of the need, we are confident that we have a solution to suit your needs.